Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer reviews, investigates and enforces ordinances established by the Town Board.  In addition, Code Enforcement deals with animal control, and nuisance mitigation, like weeds and trash accumulation.

​Animal Concerns

Dog Licenses are required in Platteville.  To license your dogs, bring verification of the most recent rabies vaccination, and /or alteration to the Town Hall.  Spayed or neutered dogs are subject to an annual license fee of $10.00; unaltered animals are subject to an annual license fee of $25.00.  Dog Licenses expire on December 31, and must be renewed by January 31 of each year to avoid additional fees. 

Stray dogs are held for a short period of time after they are picked up, to allow their owners to claim them.  If your dog is missing, and you believe it may have been picked up, contact Town Hall at (970) 785-2245.  If the dog is not claimed in a timely manner, the animal will be transferred to the Weld County Humane Society.  You must contact Town Hall, and complete the necessary paperwork before you can claim your dog.  Additional fees will apply to all animals transported to and held at the Humane Society.

Cats are required to have rabies vaccinations but are not required to have a license.

Check this Informational Guide Regarding Animals in Town Limits for more details.

Weeds and Streets

​The Ordinance Officer also deals with issues regarding weeds, brush overgrowth, diseased and dangerous trees and limbs, watering restrictions, parking, abandoned vehicles and graffiti.  A look at the Informational Guide Regarding Streets and Yards in Town Limits will answer many of your questions about what is and is not allowed.