Town Manager

Mayor / Manager Form of Governing
Conducting Business
In simple terms, that means there is a Mayor, a Board of Trustees and a Town Manager who work in cooperation to carry out the day to day business of the Town. The Mayor and Board of Trustees review the background information as well as State of Colorado Statutory requirements regarding issues that are important to the citizens of Platteville.

Ordinances and Resolutions
The Mayor and Board of Trustees seek input and clarification from staff members and the Town's Attorney. Once an issue has been discussed, an Ordinance (law) or a Resolution (guideline or policy) is approved based upon consensus of the members of the Board.

Town Manager Responsibilities
The Town Manager oversees the operations of all Town Departments, and assures the Ordinances or Resolutions approved by the Board of Trustees are followed.

The Manager provides guidance in policy making decisions, reviews budgetary concerns, and recommends changes in procedures based upon the most current information available. The Town Manager also implements personnel policies, oversees all Town projects and events, and acts as the primary point of contact for public information.