Licenses & Permits

Licenses Available
Business / Sales Tax / Contractors License
All businesses doing business in the Town of Platteville are required to have a license. This includes all businesses, whether they collect sales tax or not. Contractors, individuals doing business from their homes, and those businesses that operate on a seasonal basis are all required to possess a business license.
Business License Application

To apply for a Business License, simply print a License Application, fill it our and mail it or come to Town Hall in person to complete the process. If you have questions about the licensing process, please contact Town Hall and a staff member will assist you. See Appendix A of the Municipal Code for fees.

Dog License
Dogs must be licensed in the Town of Platteville. See Appendix A of the Municipal Code for License fees. For your Dog License Application (PDF), you will need to provide the date of the animal's most recent rabies vaccination and contact information so that we may reach you if your dog is found running loose.

Liquor Licenses

The Town of Platteville Liquor Licensing Authority oversees issuing and renewal of Liquor Licenses. A Liquor License Application and Renewal Applications should be delivered to the Town Clerk for review.

The Town Clerk will assist applicants in completing this process. Additional information regarding Liquor Licenses is available from the Colorado Department of Revenue Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division.

Non-profit organizations my apply for a Special Event Liquor Permit which allows them to sell alcohol at celebrations and community events. Contact the Town Clerk for more information and application requirements.
Permits Available
Hen Permit
Citizens are also allowed to raise hens within the Town Limits following some specific restrictions. Please complete a Hen Permit Application (PDF)
Building / Construction Permits
Building Permits are required for construction or remodeling your home or accessory structures - garages, workshops, decks, covered patios, fences. If you're not sure if you need a permit for your project, please contact Town Hall before you begin to avoid problems.